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Chyla – Bodyject Lipo Surgery

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Chyla: I was referred to Dr. Troell by a really good friend of mine who had a very positive experience coming and seeing him to get the same procedure I’m going to have done today. I came in today for a Body-jet Lipo procedure also knows as Aqualipo. My understanding of this procedure is there is less bruising, pain and swelling, and less downtime. My previous procedure the tumescent liposuction will be interesting to compare to the new body-jet procedure that I’m going to have today. I just got finished with the procedure that I was here to do today and so far it’s been very pleasant, the experience went well, it was quick. As far as I can see I don’t have any swelling or bruising. During the procedure, I was extremely relaxed the entire time, I was in and out of consciousness, it was nice. And the procedure was moderate to lower pain.

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