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“Turn back time” with a Forehead Lift and Eyebrow Lift
Dr. Robert Troell - Las Vegas, NV
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Benefits of Forehead and Eyebrow Lifts: (*)

  • Look up to 10 years younger by suspending your lax forehead skin.
  • Enhance your appearance by eliminating facial wrinkles, lines and “droopy” skin.
  • Increased self-esteem and self-confidence.

Dr. Troell has published a paper helping plastic surgeons choose the most appropriate rejuvenating procedure for their individual patients anatomic appearance. There are at least eight Forehead lift surgical procedures available, Dr. Troell’s experience and training will help decide which one of these techniques is the optimal procedure for you. The incision may be located behind your hairline, along your hairline, in a forehead crease, at the top portion of your eyebrow, or along your upper eyelid skin crease.

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Forehead / Eyebrow Lift, Las Vegas

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Before and After Forehead and Eyebrow Lifts Photos (*):

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Forehead and Eyebrow Lifts:

A Forehead Lift or Eyebrow Lift is used to treat horizontal forehead wrinkles or forehead drooping. The procedure results in tightening loose skin and removing excess skin, reducing forehead wrinkling and suspending a drooping brow. The result is a smoother brow with a more youthful expression. When evaluating a patient for a forehead lift, the surgeon needs to determine if an upper eyelid blepharoplasty (cosmetic eye surgery) is necessary to remove excess skin and fat herniation of the eyelid.

Alternative Brow Lift options-

neuromodulators such as BOTOX and Dysport can give a mild elevation of the forehead. The injection is a procedure that takes less than ten minutes to complete with little risks. The result lasts about 3-6 months, depending on the individual response to the neuromodulators.

Sometimes, removal of some brow hairs at the inferior aspect of the brow can make the brow look elevated. This can be performed by manual plucking or waxing/sugaring.

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Forehead / Eyebrow Lift, Las Vegas

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