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Facial Fat Grafting (fat transfer) for your new youthful appearance (*)

Have you experienced drooping skin and volume loss in your face as you’ve aged? Now you can restore the volume and youthful look of your facial skin with Facial Fat Grafting. The stem cells and protein growth factors improve the skin blood supply, thicken the skin with enhanced collagen and elastin fiber production. The volume from your own fat transferred to the face augments losses from both bone and fat sbsorption from the aging process.

Facial Volume Alternatives:

  • 1. Dermal fillers (Skin fillers)- Perlane, Juvaderm, Artefill
  • 2. Facial silastic implants

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Fat Grafting Las Vegas: Video Interview Dr. Troell, Las Vegas Surgeon

Before and After Facial Fat Grafting Photos (*): View all before and after Facial Fat Grafting photos :

Before and After Liposuction

Before and After Liposuction

Before and After Liposuction

Before and After Liposuction


Benefits of Facial Fat Grafting:

  • Makes you look younger by restoring the volume and support of your facial soft tissues.
  • Makes your skin look more radiant by reducing the number and depth of wrinkles on the face.
  • Can also improve facial skin texture and tone to improve the skin’s appearance.

How Facial Fat Grafting Works:

As you age your face develops wrinkles and loss of support of the facial soft tissues causes drooping or redundant skin. Volume loss by absorption of fat of the face has become increasingly recognized as an important component to the aging process, which can be restored with either office-based dermal fillers or facial fat grafting.

Body and Face Fat Grafting – Patient Education Video

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Stem Cell Fat Grafting Las Vegas, Puregraft 250 For Aesthetic Body Contouring

Facial “Fat Grafting” can play the greatest role in creating a more youthful facial appearance and a balanced harmonious facial outcome. Fat grafting restores the volume of your skin which reduces the depth and number of wrinkles on the face, which in turn can make the skin look more radiant. Adding fat back to the face can even begin to help the skin texture and tone.

Fat grafting involves removing fat from one’s body, usually the abdomen or hips, and placing the fat in the areas of volume loss or deficiency. Only a small amount of fat is needed for facial fat grafting, and liposuction can then be used to remove additional fat to improve the appearance of the donor site (abdomen and/or hips). Using cannulas (which are 1 mm hollow tubes which the fat comes out) the fat is injected as droplets throughout the areas of facial hollowness. By using a micro-droplet technique, grafted fat has a much higher blood supply so that survival is improved and the results are a smoother, more natural outcome.

Facial Fat Grafting is a minimally invasive procedure and does not require any traditional facial incisions. Plus, the long term cost is significantly less expensive then repeating dermal fillers every 6-10 months.

The Facial Fat Grafting technique is a relatively painless procedure usually performed under local anesthesia augmented with facial nerve blocks. Occasionally, patients prefer light intravenous sedation to lower their anxiety level, although this is not necessary in most patients.

Facial Fat Grafting Las Vegas: Dr. Robert Troell Patient Testimonial – Katerina

Video Patient Testimonial Shauna (Facial Fat Grafting, Las Vegas)

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