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Adipose Derived Stem Cells and Regenerative Cells (ADSRC)
For Face & Body Fat Grafting (*)

Dr. Robert Troell practices in Laguna Beach California and Las Vegas Nevada. He is recognized by his peers as an expert in the field of body contouring as well as face & body fat grafting.

Dr Troell is a national instructor for Sound Surgical Technologies, the manufacturer of the VASER ultrasound system as well as being a national trainer for the Body-Jet or Water-Jet assisted liposuction and fat grafting method manufactured by HumanMed.

Stem cells are used in face and body fat grafting to improve the ultimate volume of fat survival. The PUREGRAFT™ system by Cytori has been shown to improve fat survival by as much as 20%.

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This “lipodialysis” technology dialyzing the fat graft and removes impurities that accumulate during liposuction to produce a clean and concentrated fat graft, optimizing adipose derived stem cells,
in less than 15 minutes.

Before-and-After in 15mins

An excellent method for fat removal, fat harvesting and fat grafting is the VASER technology using ultrasound. For large volume fat grafting, such as a Brazilian Butt lift and natural breast augmentation, VASER is the preferred technique by both optimizing the volume of fat harvested as well as optimizing the percent of live fat cells grafted. After removing the fat and body sculpting the donor area, the fat is collected in the new Origins Fat Harvesting Container prior to transfer to the Puregraft purification process. Dr Troell was the first to use this collection container in the US.

Puregraft Fat Storage Container


A. Simplifies the Fat Processing Procedure
B. Produces a Pure & Concentrated Fat Graft
C. Improves Workflow, shortens surgical time

Puregraft Equipment


1. Delivers a superior aesthetic body contouring outcome through optimal fat processing.
2. Processes up to 250 ml of liposuction fluid in less than 15 minutes for rapid fat grafting.
3. Easily removes free lipid, cellular debris, excess anesthetic fluid & other contaminants.
4. The only FDA approved closed system for fat grafting designed for the sterile field.
5. Controls the hydration of the graft by varying the number of wash cycles and drain time.

Puregraft Easel Slider FatBag
Before-and-After Process

The addition of stem cells and elimination of free lipid, cellular debris and other contaminants with the PUREGRAFT™ system will only increase the fat grafted survival rate well above 80%. Also, the right balance in fat graft hydration is important for fat graft quality, delivery and survival or retention.

The VASER method is currently the best technique for fat grafting, increases the fat survival up to 80-90% of the grafted fat, compared to only 40-60% with other conventional techniques. Adding Puregraft stem cell and fat cell (adipocyte) washing further increases fat cell volume replacement of the face and body.

Stem Cell Fat Grafting Las Vegas, Puregraft 250 For Aesthetic Body Contouring

Dr Troell has presented his scientific study comparing Suction-assisted, Water-Jet assisted (Body-Jet) and Ultrasound-assisted (VASER) techniques for fat harvesting and subsequent fat grafting at the annual American Academy of Cosmetic Surgery conference in Phoenix AZ in January 2011, revealing an 80% fat volume survival with both the VASER and Body-Jet techniques.

Dr Robert Troell presented this new revolutionary liposuction technique at the American Academy of Cosmetic Surgery 2010 Liposuction Update and at the California Society of Facial Plastic Surgery Winter Symposium in February 2010.

More recently, Dr Troell presented his data at American Academy of Cosmetic Surgery annual meeting comparing three different methods for fat harvesting prior to fat grafting to include the standard suction assisted technique (Coleman), water-jet assisted (Body-Jet) and ultrasound assisted (VASER). He showed that the VASER and Body-Jet techniques result in 80% volume increase after fat harvesting and fat grafting.

**All images and illustrations courtesy of Cytori Therapeutics.

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