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Arguably the two most significant discoveries in medicine have been the sequencing of the human genome as well as the current and future therapeutic uses of stem cells in all fields of medicine. The presence of the largest population of stem cells in the readily accessible fat layer and cellular technological advancements have fueled this research. Understanding cellular processes and the interactions of the tissue scaffold, the micro-environment’s multitude of cytokines, local and distant cell lineages and ultimately the role of stem and progenitor cells in healing and regeneration will open our minds to miraculous discoveries.

Therapeutic Uses of Adipose-Derived Stem Cells

The role of stem cells in aesthetic and reconstructive soft tissue volume replacement, especially natural breast augmentation and breast cancer defect treatment, in orthopedic surgery with bone fracture healing, degenerative and inflammatory joint diseases, in acute and chronic cardiac disease, and in wound healing and skin rejuvenation will be highlighted in this manuscript. The fusion of clinical patient treatment with basic science cell biology has accelerated the acquisition of this knowledge more than I have observed in most avenues of medicine.

No matter the field of medicine researching stem cell interactions, there is always a constant: the need for a tissue scaffold, growth factors, stem cells and an injury stimulating the regenerative process.

Research into the clinical therapeutic uses of adipose derived stem cells (ASC’s) has sky-rocketed in the past five years. The discovery that the majority of our stem cells reside not in the bone marrow, but in the adipose layer, that the ASC’s can be harvested more rapidly with greater quantities, that new cellular technological advancements have become clinically available and the understanding of stem and regenerative cell interactions with the tissue micro-environment has made this scientific advancement possible.

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