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Dr. Robert Troell - Las Vegas, NV
Cosmetic and Facial Plastic Surgeon

Television Interviews/Stories:

  • Spring 2006 – Fox Five News, Channel 5, Las Vegas, Nevada. Health News Segment. Sleep Paralysis.
  • Summer 200 – Documentary: Skin City: The Evolving Face of Las Vegas, Las Vegas, Nevada.
  • August 2002 – WNBC, Channel 3, Las Vegas, Nevada, Health News segment. New surgical techniques for snoring: The uvulopalatal flap and radiofrequency tissue reduction of the soft palate.
  • December 2001 – WABC, Channel 13, Las Vegas, Nevada, Health News segment. Radiofrequency tissue reduction of the soft palate for snoring.
  • October – Dec 2001 – WABC, Channel 13, “Doctor Talk”, staff physician and surgeon, Weekly television show. Otolaryngology-Head and Neck Surgery, Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery topics.
  • June 2001 – WNBC, New York, New York- “Dateline”- Special report. The road to danger: The comparative risks of driving while sleepy.
  • April 1999 – WABC, San Francisco, California- New medical technology: Radiofrequency tissue reduction for snoring and obstructive sleep apnea.
  • December 1990 – WNBC-“911”- News segment, New York, New York. A night in the emergency room at San Francisco General Hospital on New Years eve.
  • July 1989 – Armed Forces Radio & Television Service, Cubi Point Naval Air Station, Philippines –News segment. US Navy medical personnel celebrate the successful extraction and medical treatment of an earthquake survivor. Dr. Robert Troell receives a meritorious service medal for his role in risking his life to save the trapped earthquake victim.
  • July 1989 – Armed Forces Radio & Television Service and CNN, Cubi Point Naval Air Station, Philippines- News segment. US Navy military and medical response to the devastating Philippine earthquake.
  • September 1984 – WABC, Tampa, Florida- News segment. Personal impressions of first days of medical school.

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