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Brazilian Butt Lift – BEAUTY BY DESIGN, Las Vegas


Dear Prospective Patient,

Thank you very much for your inquiry regarding the Brazillian Butt Lift, also known as gluteal reshaping or gluteal
contouring. The buttocks can be augmented, enhanced and reshaped creating a more youthful, aesthetically
pleasing appearance.

Fat can also be placed in the buttocks to enhance the size and shape of the buttocks to provide the appearance
of a Brazilian Butt Lift. The shape of the buttocks is contoured by removing fat from some areas of the buttock
and augmenting other areas. Liposuction of adjacent body areas: including the outer thigh, hips and especially
the lower back, to frame the gluteal area for a more defined buttock. This liposuction and fat harvesting is
followed by fat grafting to areas of the buttocks and outer thigh, which optimizes the overall buttock contouring

I completed a residency and fellowship at Stanford University Medical Center and remained there as a clinical
professor for seven years. I am quadruple board certified including the American Board of Cosmetic Surgery. I
am a national trainer for both Eclipsemed/HumanMed, the distributor of the Body-Jet Liposuction device and
fat grafting system, as well as for Sound Surgical Technologies, the manufacturer of the VASER liposuction
machine, and Ultrasound fat grafting instruments.

I am founder of the Center for Advanced Liposuction with locations in Las Vegas, Nevada and Laguna Beach,
California. I have over ten years experience in liposuction and fat grafting surgery. I presented my liposuction
and fat grafting techniques at the American Academy of Cosmetic Surgery 2009 Liposuction Update, the
California Society of Facial Plastic Surgery Winter Symposium in February 2010 and at the annual meeting of the
American Academy of Cosmetic Surgery January 2011.

Dr Troell is the only surgeon in Nevada and California to both use and train physicians in the Cytori PureGraft
system for lipodialysis and fat processing to achieve optimal fat grafting results. He was the first surgeon in the
US to use the innovative Origins Fat Collection System for fat harvesting. Additionally, Dr Troell may use and is a
physician teacher for the Palomar Adivive fat processing system. The VASER fat harvesting technique, the fat
collection and processing method and the fat grafting technique used and taught by Dr Troell results in 80% fat
survival by volume. He has presented ten “live surgical workshops” on liposuction, fat grafting & noninvasive
body contouring over the past three years with the last in January 2012 along with Touro Medical School.

During your initial free consultation, we will discuss your esthetic concerns and discuss your treatment options.
Please visit my website at I look forward to meeting you in my office.

Sincerely & Respectfully,
firma dr troell
Robert J Troell,MD, FACS

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