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Sinusitis: Diagnosis & Treatment

Sinusitis or rhinosinusitis is an inflammation of the tissue lining of the sinuses.
It can lead to poor or blocked sinus drainage and infection. Sinusitis affects millions of people each year.



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Sinusitis Treatments


+ Drugs or combination of drugs are used in an attempt to reduce sweeling, thin mucus and restore drainage.


+ Nasal irrigation, antibiotics, decongesrants, mycolytics, nasal and/or systemic steroids




+ Performed in an operating room


+ Small cutting instruments are used to remove tissue and expand drainage pathways



+ Confortable, in-office procedure


+ Less invasive


+ Small balloon gently reshapes anatomy to expand drainage pathways


The benefits of office sinus dilation include:

  • Delivers instant, lasting relief
  • Convenient, comfortable office procedure
  • Quick recovery—most patients return to normal activity in 24 hours
  • May reduce healthcare costs


Discuss office sinus dilation with Dr. Troell today!

Dr. Troell is a trained and experienced user of office sinus dilation technologies. Make an appointment today to come to any of our three offices to determine if balloon sinus dilation is right for you.





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