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Is Skin Testing Mandatory Before Bellafill Injection in Facial Rejuvenation?


Bellafill is the only permanent filler available throughout the United States for facial rejuvenation

Bellafill has been shown to have only a rare allergic response, and skin testing poorly identifies those with the allergy to red meat (cow collagen) and local anesthesia (lidocaine).

What is the Purpose of Bellafill Use in Aesthetics?

Answer: Permanent Facial Volume Replacement

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A key to facial rejuvenation is treatment of facial wrinkles and volume deficiencies created by the aging process. Dermal fillers are the second most common minimally invasive aesthetic procedure performed in the United States. Available dermal filler options are temporary and one long-term dermal filler of bovine collagen gel suspended polymethylmethacrylate or Bellafill.

Is a Skin Test Required Before Bellafill Facial Volume Replacement in Facial Rejuvenation?

Answer: No,

Those denying a local anesthetic allergy and eat red meat without a reaction can use Bellafill with reactions between 0.01-1%.

Health Canada has skin testing optional with Bellafill.

The FDA in the United States states to the manufacturer that it must instruct physicians that a skin test should be performed 28 days prior to Bellafill dermal filler injections. This was due to the submission information in 2007. Since that time, European and North american data reveal a rare incidence of an allergic response and that skin testing is unlikely to discover this allergy.

Dr Troell recently completed a review of the medical literature and a retrospective review of 1,513 patients injected with Bellafill (2,875 syringes) from 2009 to 2016. In patients denying a lidocaine or red meat allergy, no allergic reactions were noted to a Bellafill injection. This is to be submitted to Dermatologic Surgery medical journal soon. This data was presented at the Aesthetic Show annual meeting 2016.


Those denying a local anesthetic allergy and eat red meat without a reaction can use Bellafill without skin testing safely.

If you are interested in using the only FDA approved long-term and most likely permanent filler available throughout the United States for Facial Rejuvenation by Volume Replacement-

Please call Dr Troell at 702-242-6488.

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