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Gluteal Sculpting, also known as Brazilian Butt Lift


One’s appearance is paramount. A beautiful face often attracts us to a potential mate, assists us being hired and promoted and builds our self-esteem. Our body shape can also mesmerize those around us.

A woman’s curves, lines and proportions align the field of art and sculpture with that of anatomy and surgery. The gluteal area or buttocks appearance is optimized by the adjacent fullness and shape of the lower back and flanks as well as the inner and outer thigh.

The natural curve of the lower back or lordosis, also referred to as the swoop, also can position the buttocks to look fuller or more aesthetically pleasing. Wearing high heals will accentuate this curve.

Brazilian Butt Lift procedure is usually performed with oral sedation and mild intravenous sedation for patient safety and comfort.

Liposuction is first performed to “frame” the gluteal area and acquire fat for transfer for augmentation. However, 85% of the shape and appearance of fullness of the buttocks is do to the skilled liposculpture of the adjacent body areas.

There are four basic shapes of the buttocks:

  1. “A” shape (optimal)
  2. round shape (good appearance)
  3. rectangular (muscular appearance), preferred in men
  4. “V” shape- (least cosmetically pleasing)

The “A” shape is the preferred aesthetic outcome with a gentle “S” shape from the flank area gliding over the hips and into the outer thigh curve with a diamond shape space at the inferior buttock and upper inner thigh area to frame the optimal shape.

Some prefer more fullness and less athletic appearance to the gluteal area with a round shape.

Liposculpting the adjacent areas around the buttocks:

  1. lower back (most important area), creates the lower back swoop
  2. flanks (transforms the superior buttock to a fuller look)
  3. outer thigh (optimizes the gentle “S” curve of the hips)
  4. inner thigh (creates the diamond shape of absent tissue at superior inner thigh and lower inner buttock area)
  5. abdomen (belly) is commonly added to provide the most fat for buttock augmentation

Once the shape of the buttock has been created, the augmentation proceeds based on your expectations and direction during the before (preoperative) surgery consultation with Dr. Troell. Classically, the four buttock quadrants are marked and fat is transferred more so to the upper quadrants than the lower.

Once the fat is harvested, the fat is processed to attain the smaller, younger, healthier fat cells. These refined fat cells are either combined with your own Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) containing eight growth factors and/or your own stem cells to optimize fat cell survival during the buttock augmentation step in the procedure.

Often only 30-40% of the harvested fat is used for the fat transfer, because its superior survival potential.

Two of the best methods for processing fat are the LipoKit, also known as the Adivive system, and the PureGraft lipodialysis system. Dr. Troell recently completed a study on natural breast augmentation comparing these two methods. Both showed over a 92% fat viability prior to transfer.

The result of this process is less swelling, a more rapid recovery, with less changes of the buttock appearance over the healing period and the BEST procedure outcome.

Before the procedure, 3-Dimential and 35 mm imaging assist in determining the precise areas for fat removal and for fat placement to achieve the proportions and the gentle curves of a beautiful woman’s shape.

An attractive body can be transformed by artistically sculpting your body.  Like a sculptor removing clay from one area and replacing it in another, smoothing lines and curves as well as  optimizing proportions creates the masterpiece…you!

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