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Fusing Artistry with Cosmetic Surgery


Making high-definition liposculpture possible

Renaissance masters, such as Leonardo de Vinci and Michelangelo, with the use of both marble and frescos began the artistic construction of the 3-dimensional human form of both men and women.

There is a definite fusion between the anatomy of the human form and artistic anatomy. Unfortunately, medical school anatomy courses and surgery residency and fellowships lack the extent of training in transposing deeper structures to the surface markings on the skin.

Fusing Artistry with Cosmetic Surgery

In Some Ways, a Surgeon is a Sculptor

Richard MacDonald Sculptor

(from Richard MacDonald Sculptor)

Combining the artists view of the human form with its highlights and shadows with the musculature and bony landmarks, makes high-definition liposculpture possible. Dr. Troell completed an art course on clay sculpting of the male and female human form. The course was “Sculpting for Surgeons” hosted by Dr. Peter Schmidt and Andrew Cawrse, the artist of the figures of the movie Avatar. He is the only artist to teach courses with today’s most preeminent living sculptor, Richard MacDonald. I had the privilege of discussing his sculpting technique and artists vision with this extraordinary human sculptor. One should appreciate the mastery of Richard MacDonald’s sculptures in his many studios, including those in Las Vegas, NV and Corona Del Mar/Newport Beach, CA.

Using the artist’s perception of highlights and shadows assists me to create a dynamic, sculpted body from your own fat deposits instead of clay. Dr. Troell has studied advanced courses in human anatomy and admires Renaissance art and sculpture, where three dimensional human art form was developed, and is a medical illustrator and sculptor himself.

About Dr. Troell and Total Definer (TD) Advanced Body Contouring VASER High Definition Techniques

Total Definer Dr Troell Las Vegas

(Total Definer – Dr. Alfredo Hoyos, MD & Dr. Robert Troell, MD)

Dr. Troell has trained physicians on the techniques of liposuction: Laser Lipolysis (SmartLipo/SlimLipo), Water-Jet assisted Liposuction or Body-Jet (made the physician teaching video for the US distributor), standard suction assisted liposuction and is one of only several recognized trainers for VASER ultrasound liposuction in the United States.

He is also a trainer for the currently most effective stem cell and fat cell processing device, known as LipoKit.

He was taught by the first plastic surgeon to be trained in high-definition liposculpture in the United, States, Dr. John Millard, and from the inventor and developer of High-Definition Liposculpture (HDL), Dynamic Definition Liposculpture (4D) and the Total Definer (TD) advanced body contouring VASER high definition techniques, Dr. Alfredo Hoyos.

TOTAL DEFINER Lipo Training in Colombia

Want to learn more about this advanced procedure? Call us at 702-242-6488.

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