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How Can I Get Facial Filler Injections With Less Pain & Bruising?


Microcannula Use for Dermal Filler InjectionsMicrocannulas and the addition of lidocaine with epinephrine ( a local anesthetic) make dermal filler injections commonly used for volume replacement in Facial Rejuvenation can diminish or eliminate bruising (ecchymoses), pain and swelling.

Temporary Dermal Fillers (Restylane, Juvaderm, Voluma) and the Permanent Dermal Filler (Bellafill)

Microcannula use in contrast to the supplied needles during placement of temporary dermal fillers, such as Restylane, Juvaderm, Voluma and the permanent dermal filler (Bellafill) can increase the accuracy of filler placement by lowering injection force and minimize or eliminate the risk of severe adverse effects, such as injecting into a blood vessel.

Microcannula Dermal Filler Technique

Restylane Lyft and Bellafill for Facial Volume Replacement

Dr Troell completed a prospective study analyzing the use of these blunt tipped cannulas for placement of both Restylane Lyft and Bellafill for facial volume replacement to both decrease short term adverse effects, such as bruising, pain, and swelling while improving the accuracy of filler placement. This study is to be submitted to the Dermatologic Surgery medical journal and was presented at the Aesthetic Show in 2016.

Dr Troell is in the top 1% of United States injectors for Bellafill and Restylane. He instructs nurses and physicians on injectables (BOTOX, Disport and Juvaderm, Restuylane, Sculptra, Radiesse, Bellafill) twice a year at the Aesthetic Show. Call us at 702-242-6488.


An advanced injector can minimize the risk of swelling, bruising, and pain while increasing placement at anatomical sites by the use of a microcannula and the addition of a diluent of lidocaine with epinephrine and bicarbonate. 

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