6 Winter Skin Care Do’s And Don’ts

Keeping your skin healthy and moisturized during the dry Winter months can be a daily struggle. Jack Frost takes a serious toll on your skin. There are steps you can take, however, to keep your face as fresh as a Winter day. Protect your delicate skin and keep your face dewy and bright by following these simple tips.

DON’T: Take Long, Hot Showers

Although there are few things better than a steaming shower on a cold morning, long exposure to water and soap breaks down your skin’s natural oils and strips away moisture. Solution? First of all, turn down the heat. A lukewarm stream is far less abrasive. Also, limiting your shower-time to no more than 15 minutes a day can go a long way towards protecting your skin.

DO: Switch Up Your Skin Care Products

If you’re still using the stronger body washes from summer, when humidity and sweat were a constant battle, consider switching to a gentler, moisturizing soap for the harsh Winter months.

DO: Turn On Your Humidifier

One of the best ways to combat the bitter dryness of Winter is by carefully maintaining a healthy level of humidity in your home. Furnace-heated air inside your home can drop humidity levels to an arid 10% or less. That raw air can easily chap lips, hands, and other vulnerable skin. A humidifier helps keep moisture in the air, vital to your skin’s health.

DO: Use Specialized Moisturizers

Thicker, heavier moisturizers become more necessary as the humidity drops. While you may use water-based lotions in the Summer, you may find oil-based work better in Winter, as the ultra-dry air strips your skin of its protective layer of natural oils. EltaMD offers a variety of intense moisturizers, ideal for combating dry skin and signs of aging.

DO: Ask A Specialist

There are a ton of products on the market, promising moisture and youth. Truthfully, you may not understand which ingredients and peptides are harmful and which are helpful. A specialist can help you navigate the sea of solutions and find the one perfectly matched to your skin care needs.

DON’T: Let Holiday Stress Hurt Your Skin

Along with the cold of Winter comes the stress of busy holidays. Stress is bad for your mind and body, and it takes a toll on your skin. Be sure to take a relaxation day and pamper yourself. Do yoga. Go to a spa. Slip into a cozy sweater. Slow down each night and take the time to prepare your skin care regiment.

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