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    What are the differences in Liposuction Techniques?

    There is a significant difference between currently practiced liposuction techniques. Liposuction has progressed from a simple cannula liposuction technique to the addition of adjuvant technologies to include water-jet assisted, laser assisted such as SlimLipo and SmartLipo, powered devices such as PowerX and power assisted device by Microaire and ultrasound assisted or VASER liposuction.

    The technique that has been shown to have the most skin tightening (53% better than standard liposuction and 35% better than SmartLipo laser assisted technique)

    The safest method of anesthesia is using local anesthesia alone, followed by the addition of  intravenous sedation, and the least safe, although with the least amount of patient recall, general anesthesia. The other benefits of VASER liposuction is that there is a 25-30% less blood loss and bruising compared to standard liposuction, shortened surgical time compared to laser assisted and standard liposuction techniques, and since ultrasound separates the fat from its resident location, which minimizes discomfort and increase the chance of a smooth result with less skin contour irregularities.

    VASER liposuction also provides viable fat for volumetric transfer with an 85% fat cell and 87% stem cell viability. Brazilian Butt Lifts, Natural Breast Augmentation, Hand rejuvenation, Facial Fat Grafting and Lower Extremity rejuvenation can all be optimized using this technique. VASER also provides the ability for High-Definition body sculpting. Just like a sculpture removes clay from one area and replaces it into another, the surgeon acts like an artist to sculpt one’s body into a magnificent creation.

    What is the difference between a Chemical Peel performed by Dr.Troell and one in a salon?

    A Chemical peel done in a salon is performed by an aesthetician that is only qualified and certified to remove part of the outer layer of skin called the epidermis or most superficial part of the dermis (papillary dermis).These superficial peels most commonly use ascorbic acid (vitamin C) and glycolic acid. A board certified facial plastic surgeon suggests a method of facial resurfacing that will best benefit the individual patient with regard to the depth of wrinkles and the patient’s Fitzpatrick classification skin type.Mild facial wrinkles, unrelated to muscle contraction, is best treated by a 35% trichloroacetic acid (TCA) peel.If there is a concern for pigmentation changes post-treatment, a test patch of the chemical peel of the posterior neck area may be of benefit.

    More significant wrinkles are best treated with a 50% TCA peel. By achieving the depth of penetration, the collagen layer of the skin will be favorably affected: new collagen will be stimulated and provide a tightening effect that contributes to the overall rejuvenation.

    Who is a good candidate for a Chemical Peel?

    Men and woman who suffer from fine wrinkles to deep furrows often request treatment. The fine to medium wrinkles caused by sun damage, acne, smoking and aging can be effectively treatment with this technique. Wrinkles caused by muscular contraction, such as “crows feet” and vertical wrinkles between the eyes, “glabellar wrinkles”, are better treated with botulinum toxin (Botox).Chemical peels induce new smoother, youthful skin growth through the use of an acid solution, usually trichloroacetic acid of 35-50%, which peels the top layers of skin.Topical anesthesia and facial nerve blocks make the procedure comfortable with mild discomfort. Deep wrinkles and furrows, rhinophyma or deep acne scarring are too significant for chemical peels, however, dermabrasion or laser resurfacing are better options.All of these techniques have a risk of creating either bleaching the skin color (hypopigmentation) or causing darker areas of skin (hyperpigmentation).

    At what age do most people have Cosmetic Surgery?

    The average age of patients receiving cosmetic surgery is 40 or greater.Treatments such as breast augmentation, liposuction, rhinoplasty and dermabrasion are common among the less than 40 years old age group, while procedures including blepharoplasty, breast lift, facelift and Botox are more commonly sought after by the greater than 40 year old.

    The Most Common Plastic Surgeries For Men

    In descending order:

    The Most Common Plastic Surgeries For Women

    In descending order:

    Why Choose Dr. Troell?

    Dr. Troell believes that the quality of your entire surgical experience will be unsurpassed.The initial consultation is absolutely free of charge.The comprehensive aesthetic analysis, review of the many advanced surgical options with their benefits and limitations as well as the optimal surgical choices for the individual patient’s anatomy and goals will be reviewed to your liking.The key to achieving the optimal aesthetic result is for the surgeon to intently listen to the patient’s wishes, review patients realistic expectations, perform the right surgical procedure for the anatomical abnormality present as well as the surgeon’s physical ability to achieve this outcome. Dr.Troell is confident that the quality of surgical service he can provide you will be to the best of his ability. You can speak with recent or past patients who underwent the procedure you are contemplating to alleviate any concerns.

    Dr Troell has the credentials and the experience as well as the clinical research, which has propelled him to be respected by his peers and sort after for presentations and training of physicians. The World Congress of Liposuction 2013 he presented three presentations in the field of body contouring including non-invasive body contouring devices, minimally invasive cellulite treatment comparing the best currently available techniques and natural breast augmentation methods. Also, keynote speaker at the California Academy of Cosmetic Surgery 2013 annual meeting discussing Stem Cell & Platelet Rich Plasma with Autologous Fat Transfer in Aesthetic Procedures: Science, Art & Clinical Technique.

    Is Las Vegas the only location where I can see Dr. Troell?

    Beauty By Design in Las Vegas is not the only location where you can meet Dr. Troell. Robert J. Troell, .M.D., F.A.C.S. is also serving clients in Corona Del Mar/Newport Beach, California. Learn more about Dr. Troell @ Masterpiece M.D., or call (949) 220-0532.

    Please feel free to call our offices in Las Vegas, Nevada (702) 242-6488 and Corona Del Mar, California (949) 220-0532.


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